Our list of events in 2021

In 2021, SensioLabs supports many technical events going online or phygital. With the pandemic, conferences are a reinvented experience with new formats. Luckily, the community can still gather and share ideas. In addition to the SymfonyTour conferences, SensioLabs sponsors many key events in the ecosystem.

SensioLabs events 2021

Switching to online events

Supporting communities

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization of events has changed dramatically. In fact, with the social distancing measures, the majority of events take place online. Each year, we sponsor many conferences, and we decided to keep supporting them in 2021 in their new formats. The community has remained very active since the pandemic started. And we need to meet online to share our ideas. For us, these conferences are just a necessary social highlight for the community.

Continue to meet with developers

At the Symfony conferences, SensioLabs had the opportunity to welcome and meet the attendees on our virtual booth. This way, we managed to stay connected, chatting with the attendees and offering a wide variety of content.

Instead of receiving our much-awaited goodies, you got to try your luck at our SensioLabs University Platform MCQ challenge. The lucky winners won a Symfony Certification Online Coaching or an elePHPant plush toy. Congratulations to them! 👏

At the breaks, attendees could also enjoy diverse content at our booth. Like live demos, surveys, or even videos from our YouTube channel.

Virtual booth SensioLabs events 2021

Our events since early 2021

The Symfony Tour

The first-ever Symfony online conference was the SymfonyWorld Online Edition on December 3 and 4, 2020. It replaced SymfonyCon 2020, originally meant to happen in the enchanting Disneyland Paris venue. This brand-new conference format took place twice in two time zones. In this way, attendees from all over the world could attend.

So it was no surprise that the Symfony Tour 2021 moved 100% online. The SymfonyLive Online Polish Edition first opened the floor for the many editions of SymfonyLive, and the French edition followed on April 9. This event gathered in one day more than 500 members of the French-speaking Symfony and PHP community.

The SymfonyLive 2021 featured passionate speakers on a wide range of topics. They were super creative in this new online format to engage the attendees. For example, a speaker like Stefan Koopmanschap told us about his developer journey in a unique way at Symfony World Summer. He presented his talk as a video game to make it more personal and interactive.

SensioLabs track SymfonyWorld Online 2021 Summer Edition

We are also very proud that two SensioLabs speakers gave talks at SymfonyLive Online French Edition and SymfonyWorld Summer. Find our detailed summary of their two contributions in this blog post.

  • Guillaume Loullier presented at both events his talk on Cypress. Cypress is a testing tool generating a lot of buzz.
  • Laurent Voullemier dedicated his presentation to the Form component. He focused more specifically on what happens when you submit a form request.

Our involvement went far beyond the French-speaking community. We have also headed to Germany, Poland, or even Spain for SymfonyLive. We were thrilled to talk with participants from a lot of countries. Merci, Danke, Dziękuję, ¡Gracias!

The other events in 2021

Besides the SymfonyTour, SensioLabs wanted to support other great ecosystem events in 2021. Since the beginning of the year, we have sponsored:

  • The AFUP Day Lille/Rennes as a Local sponsor. A day of conferences dedicated to PHP and its ecosystem taking place in the AFUP antennas. They implemented a Work Adventure throughout the whole day. We organized a random draw at the event. The winner had the opportunity to sponsor the Symfony core team member of their choice on Github for up to $100.
AFUP Day 2021

See you at the upcoming events in 2021

We are glad to keep supporting our favorite events! A big thank you to Symfony and all the event organizers who enabled us to connect remotely!

We look forward to seeing you by the end of this year:

  • At the Web Summer Camp on September 2-3 as a Bronze sponsor of the Symfony track. Meet Nicolas Grekas and Lukasz Chrusciel from Sylius in the gorgeous Sibenik, Croatia.
  • At the API Platform Conference on September 10 as a Gold sponsor. It is the first international event dedicated to API Platform and its ecosystem. It will go phygital, both online and at Euratechnologies, in Lille, France.
  • At the PHP Forum on October 21-22 in Paris as a Silver sponsor. It will be the reunion edition for the French PHP community.
  • At the Open Source Experience on November 9 and 10, at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. We will stand as Gold sponsors with Smile for this new two-day event celebrating Open Source and its stakeholders.
  • At Pimcore Experience on November 18, the largest online reunion of this Symfony-based framework community.
  • At SymfonyWorld Online Winter Edition as a Diamond sponsor. It will take place online on December 9-10 and will feature the launch of Symfony 6.

You can now book your tickets for all these events.

You missed a Symfony conference, or do you want to experience them again? Go to the Symfony website and log in with your conference ticket to watch the full replay.

See you soon! 👋