The SymfonyLive Paris 2022: our feedback

To everyone’s delight, SymfonyLive Paris 2022 is back in physical form after an online edition in 2021! The meeting of the French-speaking Symfony community took place on April 7 and 8 in the enchanting setting of the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris. Let’s have a look at this great event.

SymfonyLive Paris 2022 sponsor

Pre-conference training in our offices

This year, we were the Training sponsor of SymfonyLive Paris 2022. As usual, Symfony organized workshops during the two days preceding the conference.

As a Training Sponsor, we hosted these training sessions in our new offices in Asnières-sur-Seine. The training sessions took place on April 5th and 6th.

Here are the trainings that have been proposed:

  • Symfony 5/6: the fast track. This training was led by Nicolas Grekas and is based on the book ” Symfony 5: The Fast Track ” by Fabien Potencier. It allows to learn how to build a Symfony application from A to Z using the new practices and components.
  • Mastering OOP & Design Patterns. Led by Grégoire Pineau, this workshop allows to better understand all the concepts to write a more maintainable, robust and testable object-oriented code. But also the techniques to reduce the complexity of the code and make your classes more specific and simple.
  • Profile your PHP applications. Jérôme Vieilledent presented how to identify problems by learning best practices in profiling your applications, to be integrated in your development habits.
  • Building modular and interactive applications with Symfony UX. Led by Titouan Galopain, this workshop presented Symfony UX and the tools it relies on: Webpack Encore, Stimulus, Jest and Testing Library.
  • API development with API Platform. Kévin Dunglas, creator of API Platform API Plaftorm explained how to use and extend the most popular features of the component.
  • The Messenger, Workflow, Notifier and HTTP Client components. Adrien Lucas and Benjamin Zaslavsky went into detail about these four major Symfony components during two days. These trainings are available in our training catalog with one component per half-day.

SensioLabs at SymfonyLive Paris 2022

Like every year, SensioLabs was a Diamond sponsor of SymfonyLive Paris 2022. After 2 years of absence, the conference was held again in person. We were able to meet in the flesh and it was logical for us to support this return of the conference. Like every year, SymfonyLive Paris 2022 took place in the sumptuous setting of the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris.

This year again, several other sponsors have been ingenious to offer great goodies and animations. In particular, they played a wheel of luck, virtual drawings to be guessed by sensors and many others! The atmosphere in the two rooms where the participants came to eat was very friendly.


The SymfonyLive Paris allowed us to finally get together. All our team was present at the conference and could listen to the latest Symfony news. It was also the opportunity to share our common passion for Symfony in a reunion atmosphere.

During the breaks, we welcomed many participants at our booth. Our new goodies, delicious candies with the SensioLabs logo, were a great success. In addition to the goodies, many animations were also proposed:

  • A draw with numbers to win lots of prizes.
  • The Symfony tattoo challenge which allowed the person who received the most likes on Twitter to win an elePHPant plush.
  • The SensioLabs University Platform test with a voucher for the Certification or a plush toy as a prize.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and congratulations to the winners 👏

Conferences as exciting as ever

During 2 days, we could attend many technical conferences about Symfony and PHP. There were excellent speakers, including 3 from Sensiolabs.

As it is now the tradition, this edition was launched by Fabien Potencier’s keynote: “How did a bug in Symfony ExpressionLanguage lead to starting the work on Twig 4”. Fabien explained how a bug in ExpressionLanguage led him to start working on Twig 4 and make it a component of Symfony.

During the event, a lot of other conferences were presented to us. The range was wide, from technical topics to more societal conferences. For example :

  • “On the Front Line : Symfony and open source for the company “ by Titouan Galopin. Titouan talked about his platform created with friends This local, free and open-source mutual aid platform is based on Symfony. It was created following the closure of schools during the Covid period. En Première Ligne allowed parents to continue working while their children were at home. Titouan explained to us that developers can have an impact on society by getting involved.
  • Or Marion Agé with “Managing permissions in Symfony”. Marion talked about security with Symfony. She explained the new features of the latest versions of the framework and how to manage permissions.

You can find the other talks in replay on the event website.

3 SensioLabs experts were speakers at SymfonyLive Paris 2022

Etienne Lebarillier

Etienne Lebarillier presented: “Hexagonal architecture, no more theory, let’s get practical!” Etienne described how to integrate a hexagonal architecture in Symfony. As well as the different ways to access a hex (UseCase, CQRS), to persist entities (ORM, Memento). And finally what testing strategy to adopt with a hexagonal architecture (Diamond testing).

Laurent Voullemier
  • Laurent Voullemier: “SSO with Keycloak and Symfony.” Laurent looked at how SSO and the popular Keyloack (Identity and Access Management) IAM integrate into a Symfony application to improve security standards.
Alexandre Daubois
  • Alexandre Daubois: “Little-known Symfony components that are worth a look.” Even if some components have no more secrets for you, Alexandre introduced us to other more unknown ones. They will save you many hours of development and will make your life easier.

Find here the interviews of our 3 speakers at SymfonyLive Paris. They explain in more detail the choice of their topic and their experience.

To sum up, we loved to participate to this edition, it was the opportunity for SensioLabs to meet again and to meet you in person after a long time.

Congratulations to Symfony for organizing this great event. We hope to see you soon for the SymfonyWorld Online Winter Edition on June 16-17 and for the SymfonyCon 2022 in the magical setting of Disneyland Paris 🏰✨ on November 17 and 18.

See you soon 👏