The Data Management specialist Synotis joins the Smile Group

As the creator of Symfony and a proud member of the Smile Group, SensioLabs is pleased to announce a new arrival in the Group. Synotis is a Swiss-based company specialized in consulting and data management. This alliance strengthens Smile Group’s presence in Switzerland and Europe to serve open digital transformation.

Synotis & the Smile group

What is Synotis?

Synotis is a Swiss company founded in 2014 specializing in implementing data projects for companies conducting their digital transformation.

Synotis operates in all organizations where data plays a central part in the development of the business. Through training, project support, and expertise, Synotis helps its clients become Data-Driven by revealing the value of their data.

Within the Smile group, Synotis and SensioLabs share the values of Free Software and Open Source. In addition, as both of us are experts in our business, committing to our customers and our communities is essential for us.

Integrating Synotis into the Smile Group

After the acquisition of creativestyle last June, the integration of Synotis into the Smile Group is part of the Group’s ongoing expansion in Europe. The Group management and shareholders, Keensight Capital and Eurazeo, also strongly support this strategy.

Data management is a challenge for many companies. With this new acquisition, the Smile Group and Synotis merge their own skills: mastering data and digital to help Swiss companies thrive. The Swiss market is experiencing an accelerated digital transformation. Swiss companies look for integrated solutions like the ones the alliance between the Smile Group and Synotis can provide.

As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs will have the opportunity to collaborate with Synotis on Symfony and PHP development projects involving data management issues.

The Smile Group keeps growing

The founders of Synotis (Robert Bounheng, Sébastien Malleret, Xavier Mouchot, and François Delage) will keep managing Synotis.

They say: “We are delighted to continue the adventure with Smile and to contribute to the creation of a European champion of digital and open source. We are convinced that the synergies resulting from our merger will enable us to address our customers’ issues in a more global way, thanks to the Cloud architecture and digital expertise of Smile’s teams, two areas of development that we have long identified”.

Marc Palazon, CEO of the Smile Group, adds:

“The acquisition of Synotis CH is in line with our Open Arrow strategic plan, which aims to increase the geographical coverage of the Smile Group on an international scale, with the support of its shareholders. By joining forces with Synotis CH’s formidable teams, we are strengthening our presence in Switzerland and in data management, two markets that offer significant development prospects.”