SensioLabsInsight, the New Quality Wizard by SensioLabs, Hits the Market

A revolutionary SaaS solution that goes to the core of your code

SensioLabs’ latest innovation in diagnostic applications, SensioLabsInsight is now ready and available ( Tested for several months in Beta version by more than 2,000 users who have launched tens of thousands of PHP code analyses , this first SaaS service created and provided by SensioLabs brings problem diagnosis to a new level.

SensioLabsInsight provides in-depth analysis of any PHP-based project code (Symfony, Drupal, Magento, Wordpress, and any PHP code) and detects problems and errors based on more than 100 rules that have been defined by SensioLabs experts. More than just a one-time quality audit by a consultant, daily controls and continual development monitoring insure detecting errors which may potentially affect security, sustainability, scalability, application quality and technical debt assessment.

Already tagged as “the best analysis tool to regain control of your PHP projects”, SensioLabsInsight unites various key analysis levels in one application to insure complete diagnosis of a project. This innovative dynamic analysis engine goes one step further and delves deep into your applications while they are running to find bugs and errors impossible to find by static analysis alone.

Other advanced features of SensioLabsInsight include: estimations to fix bugs, a collaborative workspace, notifications, GitHub Integration, Security checks and Educative Tutorials to understand good practices to implement.

SensioLabs, known for pushing the boundaries of PHP on the constantly evolving world-wide web, owes its success to vision, an ambitious team and innovative applications, all of which have SensioLabs moving to the forefront of the PHP world.

Creators of Symfony and Twig, SensioLabs primary goals are to define product quality and equip the PHP world with simple, effective development tools, serious follow-up service and world-wide certification.

With 5M€ round-A financing secured from CM-CIC Capital Privé at the end of 2013, SensioLabs, well-established in France, the UK and Germany, will expand to the American market, a necessary and logical step in furthering the company vision and ambitions.