1 Billion downloads for the Symfony framework!

We had a crazy and exciting beginning of the month within the Symfony community. We started the month with a great news in sight! The final countdown to achieve 1 Billion Symfony 2 version downloads was on its way and we were just about to reach it!


We were still remembering that last year, on September 26th 2016, Symfony 2 version released in 2011, reached 500M downloads! This huge milestone was the beginning of an incredible new step for the Symfony community and its ecosystem. Less than a year after that, we were on the road to reach another HUGE milestone: 1 Billion downloads of the framework. On September 5th 2017 around 10:30 pm (Paris time), we counted the Billionth downloads of Symfony, 344 days and a few hours after reaching 500M downloads, Symfony entered the Unicorn club. As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs is super proud to share this big news!


And what a crazy news! The Symfony project started in 2005, is since a few years, recognized as one of the best PHP frameworks in the world and is used all over the world a billionth times! No matter if you’re using the full stack framework or only a few components in other PHP projects, the incredible download growth over the past year is a great exemple of the project strength. All of this is of course happening thanks to the amazing Symfony community and all the people working within the ecosystem. We’d like to thank all of you within the great Symfony community for your participation in the project and for sharing our values and philosophy. We also would like to thank the entire core team for its devotion to the project and its will to move forward the framework use to the next level.


Over this year, super great news happened within the community: the upcoming launch of Symfony 4, the release of Symfony Flex, the new components setup… You can read the Ryan Weaver’s blog post on symfony.com to get all the details about the Symfony Components & the upgrade to Symfony 4.

We, at SensioLabs, are very pleased and happy to share these great news and spread these values in the ecosystem. Since 2005, the project has been so many times updated and restyled to meet your web development requirements and we aim to still meet them. Our dearest wish is to help you develop high quality websites with the best quality framework. We’re always challenging the framework and offering high quality services and products, to meet your needs and hoping to make the developers’ life easier when they work on web development projects.


Thank you all for your involvement within the Symfony community! We’re super pleased to share with you this special 1 Billion video downloads to celebrate this gigantic achievement:



Speaking of celebrations, we organized over the past month several celebration parties with all the SensioLabs teams and the community to celebrate this monumental milestone, we’re not going to stop from there: we’re going to party with the entire community until the end of the year! We’ll organize several celebration parties at every Symfony conference organized until the end of the year. We already had a celebration at SymfonyLive London 2017 and the Symfony core team presents there cut the cake altogether!

Parties for 1 Billion Symfony downloadsParties for 1 Billion Symfony downloads

Join us at SymfonyLive San Francisco, Berlin or SymfonyCon Cluj to celebrate with us the 1 Billion Symfony downloads with the Symfony community.

Thanks again to the entire community and let’s be ready for another Billion downloads!