SensioLabs at API Platform Con 2022

On September 15-16, the API Platform Con took place in Lille and online. The international conference of API Platform gathered +500 attendees for two days of high-level talks and fun. As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs was a Gold sponsor of the event and met many developers.

API Platform Conference

A conference in the land of Webby 🕸️

This year again, API Platform Con took place in a hybrid format. Both in Euratechnologies (Europe’s largest startup incubator) in Lille, France, and online for people not in Lille.

The first day started with an opening keynote by Kévin Dunglas, the API Platform creator and a member of the Symfony core team. Dunglas deployed live the latest version of API Platform, API Platform 3, and explained the main new features.

After the grand opening by Kévin Dunglas, there were many talks in French or English, such as:

  • “Code review is an art!” by Smaïne Milianni, a Symfony certified developer and ex-SensioLabs team member. Milianni explained how to become better at code review and how to proofread your code.
  • “My fight against arachnophobia” by Jérôme Tanghe, developer at According to Tanghe, you just need to start and face your fear to contribute!
  • “PHP WebSockets: or how to communicate with clients in real-time” by Pauline Vos. Vos described how to send and receive messages in real-time.
  • “France Télévisions, when API Platform is very timely”. Feedback from Albin Kester and Georges-King Njock-Bôt on how France Télévisions relies on API Platform to support load peaks of the news websites.
Hubert et Jérémy

Two experts from the SensioLabs technical team, Hubert Lenoir and Jérémy Jarrié, presented a conference: “Reuse and share your custom operations with API Platform.” They explained how to apply logic to several resources. You will find their interview on our blog very soon.

SensioLabs, a Gold sponsor of API Platform Con

As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs was pleased to support this great reunion of the API Platform community. SensioLabs was a Gold Sponsor of the conference and had a booth in the gorgeous brick decor of Euratechnologies.

At the breaks, we met many participants to chat about Symfony, API Platform, and their technical projects. We also gave many goodies and performed demos on our eLearning platform SensioLabs University Platform.

API Platform Con was also an opportunity to meet the community and the other sponsors, such as our long-time partner:

Sponsors organized lots of very fun activities. For example, offered delicious cookies 🍪 with the API Platform logo at their booth.

SensioLabs and API Platform: a unique expertise

What is API Platform?

API Platform

API Platform is a web framework based on Symfony. API Platform generates high quality API projects in REST and GraphQL. An Open-Source project initiated by, API Platform has been increasingly adopted in many cutting-edge web development projects. API Platform is now a global reference for developers to successfully manage APIs improving security and performance.

As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs has been advocating API Platform since its creation. Our team of experts implements API Platform in many internal and external projects. API Platform is the best way to promote both security and performance in a web application. At SensioLabs, we are passionate about new developments in API Platform, and we feel blessed to be part of this inspiring and dynamic community.

Many thanks to for organizing this second edition of API PlatformCon, which was even more successful than the first one! 👏