Symfony blended-learning : discover SensioLabs’ new training program

SensioLabs University – the training unit of SensioLabs – is upgrading its program around Symfony once again by involving classroom sessions AND e-learning in order to get benefits from the best of both worlds.

An innovative and complete training

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Your team benefits from SensioLabs’ expertise, as the creator of Symfony, throughout intensive sessions.

To validate the freshly acquired skills and improve the retention of knowledge, this on-site class is enhanced with continuous training on our e-learning platform (SensioLabs University) for one month. From the beginning of the classroom training, an access to SensioLabs University is offered to each student, providing:

  • Course contents presented during the classroom sessions, downloadable and accessible directly on the platform.
  • Additional resources to training: videos, courses…
  • Exercices and tests to validate skills acquired during the initial training.
  • A personalised follow-up by the initial trainer via an online chat.

Symfony blended learning by SensioLabs enables students to take adequate time to progress and confirm skills acquired in the class at their own pace. Thanks to the continous evaluation available on our platform, managers can now follow their team’s improvements and keep in touch with their trainer!

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Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at: training[at]