Webinar on Quality Assurance Plans & SymfonyInsight

How to steer my projects with confidence thanks to Quality Assurance Plans? This is the question Ludovic Duval and Titouan Galopin addressed. During a webinar, they presented SensioLabs Development Quality Assurance Plans (QAP) and how SymfonyInsight fits into it.  


Are you wondering which full stack tools can measure the quality and ensure the security of your applications ? How to easily control your technical debt from the start of the project?  

Ludovic and Titouan answered these questions in a webinar organized on October 15. The online event gathered many attendees on SensioLabs’ brand new expertise solution: the Development Quality Assurance Plan (QAP). 

How to implement a Development QAP?  

A Development Quality Assurance Plan describes the methodology implemented to guarantee the quality of developments throughout the project. For instance, a Development QAP can consist in particular tests, quality processes or delivery conditions. This solution provides an objective measure of the code production quality , and facilitate project management as well.  

In this webinar, Ludovic presented a feedback of a concrete project in the banking sector based on the Symfony framework. For this client, SensioLabs integrated SymfonyInsight in the QAP to check that good practices in development were implemented. 

In a few words, SymfonyInsight (previously named SensioLabsInsight) is a SaaS code analysis tool dedicated to efficiently monitor your code quality. SymfonyInsight helps you increase productivity and alerts the team on high levels of technical debt. Within SensioLabs Development PAQ, SymfonyInsight does not limit itself to code analysis, and goes even further. This analysis engine can track down all existing errors, that are impossible to spot in a static analysis.  

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