SensioLabs sets up house in the USA

As many of you know, Symfony just celebrated its 10-year anniversary and, by the end of September 2016, will hit the marker of 500 million downloads worldwide. It is now considered among the best frameworks in the world for developing PHP-based projects.

To attain that kind of success is obviously major. But no Open Source project can exist without a solid, reliable professional structure to back it up, support it, help it to continually evolve. That’s where SensioLabs comes in.

For as long as Symfony has existed, SensioLabs has been the caring parent nurturing it towards the success we see today. And the pillar of Symfony, the father and creator, Fabien Potencier, has relocated to the United States from Paris to take SensioLabs and Symfony to the next level.

Why? Because the American Symfony market is exploding, not only in terms of the Symfony community and developers using the framework, but also in the exponential adoption rate of Symfony for building enterprise PHP applications and sites. The first US-based SensioLabs team is in place and Fabien Potencier himself is directing the venture to insure its success.

With SensioLabs US, you can look forward to the same high-quality support and expert tools for Symfony that the Europeans have been enjoying for over a decade: training for devs, solutions and support for companies, conferences, community and just about anything else you need to help you develop better, faster and more efficiently.

In addition, SensioLabs US covers all of your, SensioLabsInsight, Silex and Twig needs as well. Our team is operational and eager to help you. Who is that team, you may say…Check us out!

Meet the team

Consisting of veterans from multiple open source projects, the newly-formed SensioLabs US team has one, primary objective: support the successful development and deployment of PHP projects utilizing Symfony.

Fabien Potencier

Fabien Potencier, SensioLabs CEO and Symfony founder.

Fabien Potencier discovered the Web in 1994, at a time when connecting to the Internet was still associated with the harmful strident sounds of a modem. Being a developer by passion, he constantly looked for better ways to build websites. Fabien founded the Symfony project in 2004 to fulfill this goal.

Fabien is a serial-entrepreneur, and among other companies, he founded Sensio in 1998 – which became SensioLabs in 2012 -, a software company providing products, services, and technical support for the Open-Source Symfony framework. Within SensioLabs, Fabien now focuses on creating a new generation of SaaS solutions, designed to help PHP developers improve their code quality (with SensioLabsInsight) & performance (with

Fabien is also the creator of several other Open-Source projects, a writer, a blogger, a speaker at international conferences, and the happy father of two wonderful kids.

Opening an American office is simply the next logical decision for SensioLabs considering the estimated level of success and the increasing use of Symfony as measured over the last several years. I am incredibly proud and excited to lead this new international adventure personally.”

Scott Dahlgren

Scott Dahlgren

Managing Director

Scott (@scottcdahlgren) discovered the PHP world in 2008 with Zend Technologies and along the way has worked with other open source projects including Magento, Drupal Commerce, MODX, and SilverStripe. Now with SensioLabs US, Scott’s primary focus is to leverage the technology and ecosystem that has evolved around Symfony and its impact on the broader PHP community to build and grow the SensioLabs business here in the US. Scott’s main focus will be on sales, marketing, and developing the partner channel.

“I am very excited about this opportunity to help build the SensioLabs business in the US as there is no other company that has this level of impact on the PHP ecosystem. My 8+ years in open source and the relationships developed allow me to engage with a broad cross-section of PHP solutions and integration/agency partners.”

Beau Simensen

Beau Simensen

Solution Architect

Beau Simensen (@beausimensen, has been a professional polyglot programmer since 1998. An active open-sourcer, he created Sculpin ( and helped create Stack PHP ( As a former representative to the PHP Framework Interoperability Group (PHP-FIG), Beau helped create PSR-4 and PSR-7. He is also co-host of That Podcast (@thatpodcast,

Beau attributes his love of working with other people in the wider PHP community to discovering Symfony 2 and the people behind it. Attending Symfony Live! San Francisco in 2012 set the stage for him seeking out community and conferences both online and in-person around the world.

“I’ve always considered myself Symfony-adjacent. I think this will help me speak not only to Symfony developers, but also to the broader PHP community about the benefits of Symfony, Symfony Components, and SensioLabs products and services.”

Ryan Weaver

ryanSymfony Community Evangelist

Ryan Weaver (@weaverryan) and Symfony go way back: to the early days of version 0.6! When Symfony 2 was released, he led the documentation team and actively contributed towards making Symfony both a tool for professionals, but also one that’s easy to use and a joy to work with. He’s spoken about Symfony at conferences around the world, is a member of the Sound of Symfony podcast and writes Symfony tutorials for KnpUniversity.

I’ve always been the guy who wants to make Symfony friendly and accessible to everyone, because I’ve seen how big of a difference it can make in people’s lives and work. I could not be more excited to work with this team and continue to share and advocate for Symfony here in the US.”

SensioLabs US is here to help you!

Here are just a few possibilities of how we can help you:

  • Participate in your local meet-up
  • Speak at industry events and conferences, company, university, etc.
  • Develop skills and competency through trainings and workshops
  • Ensure that your first Symfony project is successful
  • Help you implement and adopt development tools that will improve the quality and speed of your projects
  • Partner with us to grow Symfony opportunities together
  • And more!

Looking for something special? Let us know! Tell us what your specific needs are, how you want to evolve your skills and practices or grow your project and we’ll get you just what you need!

Upcoming SensioLabs Meet-ups, Events & Trainings

If you’d like to meet us in person, you can find us at the following venues over the next couple of months:

And don’t forget about our newest upcoming training session:

Web Development with Symfony 3” in Washington DC this October 25th-28th

Get in touch

Need to reach us? Send an email to or call us at (888) 41-SENSIO or (888) 417-3674. To say that we are thrilled to be in the US would be an understatement. We sincerely look forward to writing this next chapter in the Symfony story with YOU!