SymfonyCloud was created by Symfony as a fully managed and optimized platform for developers.
SymfonyCloud is the best tool to host Symfony applications. It integrates perfectly with Symfony’s best practices and development workflow to provide the necessary tools to easily develop locally, and deploy with confidence.
Symfony Cloud allows you to define and configure the entire topology and services you want to use on your projects. Unlike other PaaS services, there is no need to subscribe to external services to get a cache or a search engine. When you back up your project, all of the sevices are backed-up. In addition to this, SymfonyCloud guarantees full compatibility with the Symfony CLI local web server to test locally your services from production.

Guide: How to provide the best solutions for my PHP & Symfony projects and teams?

SensioLabs, the Open source expert  who makes your  life easier.   Since  its foundation as a Web development tools software publisher, SensioLabs has been striving to make web developers’ life easier.  SensioLabs created the Open Source PHP framework Symfony in 2005. Now, we keep supporting the framework to improve PHP developments quality and impact by simplifying the technical stack. Symfony is recognized as a worldwide success with about 1.85 billion downloads since its launch and it has more than 500,000 active users all over the world.   Why do we […]

Sensio celebrates the 20 years of its outstanding success-story

In 20 years, Sensio has become a large family united by many innovative successes. A unique model in the French digital ecosystem, the Sensio family celebrated its 20 years of existence on July, 4th, during a terrific party at the best Parisian plant-covered Summer rooftop, the Jardin Suspendu. In Summer 1998, the French soccer team […]