SymfonyLive Paris 2019: our recap!


SymfonyLive Paris 2019 was a great experience

For the 11th time in Paris, the SymfonyLive took place at the “Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris”, a wonderful place.

We had a large conference room and three halls with booths from several companies, mostly our friends from the Symfony ecosystem (, CodeRhapsodie, and many others). Some sponsors had games, like Les Tilleuls with their Webbypoly, or free smoothies, augmented reality with 3D dragoons for Webnet.


Day 1 at SymfonyLive Paris 2019

First, Fabien’s opening keynote: HttpClient, MIME, and other subjects

Fabien Potencier opened the SymfonyLive talking about HttpClient, a component that looks really promising! He also introduced the new MIME component that comes with the Mailer one, and this is really a breath-taking new way of handling emails without taking care neither of the provider, nor if it is synch or asynch. Just code, and change the configuration whenever you need.

He also gave some information about PHP-FIG and gave explanations on why Symfony left.

He also reminded us that free Open-Source software need fundings. That’s why the Symfony company is here to build tools for Symfony, but not for free (more about that later).


Titouan Galopin’s talk about React and Redux

This was a long and tough talk, but for the 100%-backend guys it was really a straightforward introduction to React, followed by real technical stuff. It was a perfect talk for those who wanted a technical introduction to React, and we will be pleased to watch it back on SymfonyCasts when it’s released!

As a reminder, Titouan Galopin works for Symfony, in charge of the SymfonyInsight project.

Kevin Dunglas’s talk about… tons of things!

Kevin is well-known in the community as the creator of ApiPlatform, but Kevin Dunglas also created Mercure and Panther. In this talk, he shared almost everything he created and loves!

At the SymfonyLive, he presented us a way to create a PoC of a clone in 45 minutes, using almost everything: Symfony, Vue.js, Mercure, Panther, etc.! Really stunning. Such awesomeness cannot fit in 45 minutes, so we suggest you watch it when it is online on SymfonyCast and try it by yourself. This is going to be a great experiment!

Damien Alexandre’s talk about ElasticSearch

Damien briefly introduced the different existing tools providing integration with PHP, then gave a great feedback on his use of Elastica lib in particular and about best practices to use the powerful couple DTO – Serializer, thanks to an Open-Source library called Jane.

A useful link to find more resources about ElasticSearch:

Benoit Jacquemont’s talk about HTTP3!

We loved his presentation! Benoit explained with great humor and pedagogy which transformations are “quickly” needed to make HTTP2 better over experimentation of the transport layer. As a reminder, HTTP1.1 had lived a very long time before a new standard finally came to replace it, demonstrating how robust this protocol has been.

It happens that HTTP2 features are great but cannot deliver their full potential without a good layer. That’s where QUIC comes to the rescue to provide a better Open-Source one than TCP does.

Learn more about QUIC:

Matthieu Santostefano’s talk about images handling in responsive contexts

Matthieu presented in his talk the problematics of responsiveness from an image perspective. A very interesting talk, with a nice overall of tools used to optimize and decouple our code, making it easier to maintain in synch with artists’ works.

Kevin Dejour and Philippe Vincent-Royol’s talk about architecture

Two speakers from eZ lead ; an awesome presentation of what it means to think and practice scalability within a project.

It was very enlightening for developers that do not know about architecture, ending with an overview of how implementing http cache in our Symfony base code to support scalability in the foundation of our applications.

Danielle Kayumbi Bonkoto’s talk about Symfony bundles and tools

At the SymfonyLive, Danielle shared her experience about useful tools for Symfony developers on two bases: infrastructure and operational. Every tool is Open-Source, and Danielle also made some nice demonstrations for some of them like Algolia. Did you know Algolia is also used for Symfony Docs?

Lightning Talks

  • Alexandre Rock Ancelet gave a lightning talk to display his love for side-projects and share it with people so everyone can create side-projects and learn awesome tools and technologies! 😊
  • Jérémy Romey talked about the few inconsistencies in PHP-FIG and in PSRs
  • Alexandre Mallet tried to explain the most of Git in less than 7 minutes. He couldn’t talk about everything, but this was really instructive!
  • Tony Tran presented a nice comparison between EasyAdmin and SonataAdmin.
  • Valentine Boineau talked about code quality and started to tease a new Symfony tool: Symfony Checker! It will be a SaaS that will do dynamic AND static analysis of our projects in order to detect dead code. Thanks to it, we would be able to remove dead code safely to make the project “safer to refactor”.
  • Tugdual Saunier presented the Symfony CLI, a new tool to manage your Symfony applications, create new projects, link them with your SymfonyCloud projects, and maybe the best feature of all: a web-server that can even connect with Docker-Compose-based projects for other services!
  • And finally, Nicolas Grekas explained how anyone can contribute to Symfony. He often does this talk, and we are grateful for that because it really aims at comforting anyone who would like to contribute but does not know where to start: well, first thing to do is to talk about it, and then let yourself be guided!

Day 2 at SymfonyLive Paris 2019


Jérôme Vielledent’s talk about Open-Source, a renewal of humanism

Jérôme Vieilledent, CTO of CodeRhapsodie, did a conference that was almost entirely non-technical, and it’s accessible to anyone without particular knowledge.

The first part was a talk about humanism, its philosophical concepts and how it’s translated in our lives.
He also talked about diversity, feminism, the nonsense of racism and xenophobia, and the importance of helping each other.

The second part links knowledge and free software.

What sums the talk up is the following sentence: “Free knowledge makes us free, free software makes us free”.

Romaric Drigon’s talk about Doctrine tips and tricks

Romaric Drigon presented a very interesting talk about Doctrine, a “tips&tricks” one, but with tips and tricks that we do not hear much about, and it was great! We particularly liked the part about queries optimizations and tracking policies. They are really important, even though they are not often promoted within the community.

Grégoire Hébert’s talk about rapid development of APIs

Grégoire is CEO of the Master Classes from la Coop des Tilleuls. He gave us a deep look in API development with the well known API-Platform. His talk was very interesting and had its time of demonstration too. Also, we have noticed a little teasing about configuring some workflows, haven’t you?

Nicolas Grekas’ talk about the new HTTP Client component!

Nicolas Grekas, CEO of Symfony SAS, was on stage to present the brand new Symfony HTTP Client component that will be part of Symfony 4.3 release. The beta version is starting in a few weeks now and is expected to be stable at the end of May!

We are very excited about it and we can’t wait to see what new Symfony features this will bring in the future!

François Zaninotto’ talk about Admin back-end with Api and React

François Zaninotto, CEO of Marmelab, led an awesome show to present how React can be useful to handle a back-end that leverages the admin generator of API Platform.

We hope to see more talks from François at the next Symfony conferences, a big thanks for his performance!

To go deeper he created a repository on GitHub:

Marmelab blog:

Frédéric Bouchery’s talk about Rabbit

A technical talk about queue messaging, where Frédéric Bouchery, working at CCMBenchmark, did a nice job explaining how the Symfony Messenger Component is suited to respond to this specific need. We liked that he demonstrated that instead of being a replacement for that good old Event Dispatcher, as some could think, both can work hand-in-hand.

Chris Holland’s talk about Test Driven Development

Chris Holland flew from Atlanta to come and give his talk! We were very luck to have him with us.

A technical presentation of how to build a tested domain application before adding features provided by third parties bundles that already handle integration and testing, such as user authentication or REST api.

Check out his slides at the SymfonyLive here


This year was the 10th edition of SymfonyLive Paris and we enjoyed having the community in this beautiful place to kick off Spring.

We had a lot of different technical content thanks to those awesome speakers, funny games at the stands, and as usual it ended in an atmosphere filled with the emotion of having to wait for another year to see each other again… and to start another decade of Symfony !

You can see a summary of all talks in the SymfonyLive repository here.