Interview: Zoom in on SensioLabs University

SensioLabs University, the training department of SensioLabs, launched a new innovative e-learning platform on PHP and Symfony for developers who want to improve their skills with the best resources. We met Eric, head of SensioLabs University, and asked him a few questions about this new program, opened now to any company! Here what we learned.

SensioLabs University

Interviewer: Hello, could you please briefly introduce yourself?

Eric: Hello, I am in charge of developing innovative solutions that respond to concrete market expectations for SensioLabs and their customers.

I: How did SensioLabs University come to exist and why did SensioLabs decide to open it up to the public?

E: Initially, SensioLabs University was an internal e-learning program designed to help our developers and consultants improve their skills and train for Symfony certification. We worked over a year to develop the platform to enable our staff to level up their daily Symfony and PHP skills. The project was very successful! They were able to attend online trainings, take tests and prepare themselves for the Symfony certification at their own path with a dedicated trainer. Our entire team was so happy with the program, and since they got (almost) all Symfony certified within months, that we decided to open the program to everyone.

I: What will companies find attractive about this service and why would you advise a CTO or CEO to choose SLU?

E: As new educational program, SensioLabs University targets skill development for Symfony and PHP teams. This new approach of training helps developers to improve their PHP and Symfony skills. It goes much further than just your everyday training. Our team is incredibly hand-on and reactive to developer and company needs.  It’s a real opportunity for companies to strengthen their team’s skills, invest in their employees and cement employee loyalty.

I: Who are the students at SensioLabs University?

E: Mostly developers who are eager to become a Symfony expert or Symfony certified. We can integrate different levels of developers from Symfony beginners to those who are more seasoned and want to prepared for the certification exam. We also created a special course Symfony for Drupal 8 developers to help them understand Symfony for their own needs.

I: Can you give us a few details about what’s included in the SLU program?

E: We bring a complete range of services, solutions and materials designed to develop hard Symfony knowledge. We offer a complete e-learning platform with a video learning center including 70+ courses, online sessions, acquisition plan, exercices and quizzes, personal activity dashboard… Throughout our 3 or 6-month program or even the platform offer, in which we deliver sessions focusing on team needs, student can continually evaluate their progress and a coach is on standby, ready to answer questions and get them through the difficult patches.

I: Anything to add?

E: Just, feel free to contact me for an online presentation and know that we would be pleased to take care of all levels of Symfony developer teams.

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