Back from the SymfonyLive Online French Edition 2021

On April 9th, Symfony organized the very first French-speaking online edition of a SymfonyLive. +500 members of the French-speaking Symfony and PHP community gathered and exchanged in this new format. Find our feedback from this new Symfony event in lockdown.

SymfonyLive Online French Edition

A new format in 2021; the SymfonyLive Online

SensioLabs is proud to have been involved as a Diamond Sponsor and speaker in this very first French-speaking SymfonyLive online edition. We had the opportunity to share this moment of reunion with the fantastic French-speaking Symfony and PHP community.

Like SymfonyWorld Online, the conference was hosted on the Hopin platform, offering many features and reproducing the format of a physical event. Symfony streamed two tracks in parallel, one of them was sponsored by SensioLabs. The chat thread was very busy so attendees could comment live on the talks and discuss with the speakers.

Inspiring talks available in the replay

As always, the conference started with a welcome session, followed by the opening keynote “Boring is the new hype” by Fabien Potencier on the SensioLabs track. Fabien presented his simplified stack and advised developers not to fall for the latest technology trends. It is better to use a “boring” technology that the development team has already understood rather than a “hype” technology. After all, when you learn new technology, the resultant code rarely complies with best practices and the best design pattern. This decision only generates technical debt you will have to pay later. Fabien says it is more exciting to work with new technologies, but they are tougher to handle.

Focusing on mature technologies, with minimal changes and mastered by the development team, is often relevant. Fabien’s keynote wants to show that a more boring development can be a better idea in the long run.

Two SensioLabs team members also shared their technical expertise with the audience. Laurent Voullemier gave his talk about ” Deep dive into the form component ” and Guillaume Loulier on ” Cypress, the modern E2E must still learn from the past “. Find here a detailed article on their talks.

Two talks also held our attention:

  • Mathias Arlaud, a SensioLabs Alumni, on “Adapted serialization with API Platform and Symfony.” Mathias explained how to make serialization dynamic with API Platform and when to do it.
  • Marie Minasyan talking about “In short, I did Serverless in PHP.” Marie introduced us to the Serverless framework. Then, she explained its advantages to managing more easily a development project in cloud computing.

Our virtual booth at the SymfonyLive

We were pleased to welcome you to our virtual booth to talk with you and answer all your questions.

No goodies to give you this year! But we re-edited the SensioLabs University Platform challenge consisting of 20 questions. We offered the winner a certification, and the second-best participant received an elePHPhant 🐘

We also streamed two videos on our virtual booth:

  • “Development projects by SensioLabs”, available on our YouTube channel with English subtitles. You can watch Julie Paris, our Talent Acquisition Lead in an open interview with Hubert Lenoir, Tech Lead, and Jérémie Samson, Lead Dev from the SensioLabs team. They tell you about their development projects and answer the most frequently asked questions in job interviews. A live chat has also taken place in the afternoon break to ask new questions to Hubert and Jérémie.

“How I got ready for my Symfony certification,” a testimonial also available on Youtube featuring Maxime Pinot, a Symfony certified developer at SensioLabs. Maxime gives you his tips to prepare and obtain the Symfony certification.

See you at the next SymfonyLive Online

Congratulations to Symfony for organizing this new French edition. We could meet with all the community despite the health restrictions, and that was wonderful!

We are thrilled to be a Diamond Sponsor of this conference, and the SymfonyLive Online Polish Edition (held on March 12th). If you missed these conferences, we look forward to seeing you at the next SymfonyLive event:

  • SymfonyLive Online German Edition on April 16th.
  • SymfonyLive Online Spanish Edition on May 7th.
  • SymfonyWorld on June 17-18th

You can already book your tickets on the Symfony website. We hope to meet you soon! 👋