Symfony 7 Courses Are Now Available!

Learn Symfony 7 with us

Symfony 7 has been released in November 2023. As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs provides the official training courses on this new version of the framework. Discover our new Symfony 7 training programs in this article.

The Symfony Core Team presented the new features of Symfony 7 at SymfonyCon Brussels 2023. The community learned about them through conferences, some of which are presented in our event recap.

Symfony 7 release on November 2023

A new version of Symfony means new training courses

SensioLabs, the official Symfony training center, has updated its Symfony 7 courses to keep up with the evolution of the framework. The best thing about our sessions is that a certified Symfony 7 trainer will teach them. They will answer all your questions during the training hours.

Additionally, you will receive one month of full access to SensioLabs University Platform. The platform provides documentation and daily tests to help you progress.

For more information on our training courses, watch the video of one of our trainers below.

The course Web development with Symfony 7 spans 5 days and covers both Getting Started with Symfony 7 and Mastering Symfony 7 courses.

This comprehensive course provides an overview of Symfony 7 and its implementation in projects. This Symfony 7 course emphasizes code security and quality, improving the performance of your future projects. In addition, you will learn how to use the new AssetMapper component in the best way.

The course Getting Started with Symfony 7 has been updated to three days. One day is now dedicated to Object Oriented Programming with PHP 8. Our certified trainer will teach you how to build your first Symfony website. We will also share our tips and best practices.

Lastly, the Mastering Symfony 7 course has been updated to help you better understand the new components.

Preparing for the New Certification

Symfony 7 Certification Online Coaching

The Symfony certification is not something you can prepare for in just one day! To increase your chances of success, we recommend that you review everything you’ve learned with our Symfony 7 Certification Online Coaching.

This course is designed for seasoned Symfony developers. Upon registration, you will receive a level test to ensure your proficiency. For 15 weeks, you will attend live sessions once a week to review the key topics of Symfony 7. As part of the training, SensioLabs University Platform gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and test your skills. Plus, you will have premium access to SymfonyCasts to get a better understanding of what’s new in Symfony.

A few dates are available for each course, but not all are scheduled. To find out more information and register, please contact us or visit the Training page.