The SensioLabs Tech Blog is online on Medium

The technical team of SensioLabs, the creator of Symfony, is now on Medium with the publication The SensioLabs Tech Blog. Our experts share with you articles and thoughts on many topics, not limited to PHP and Symfony. The first articles are already available in the publication.


Medium blog

What is Medium?

Created in 2012 by Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter and Blogger, Medium is an open platform for writing articles with 100 million readers. The platform gives an open stage to creators, experts, and anonymous people on a wide variety of themes. Medium covers topics as broad as culture, politics, technology, etc.

In a minimalist interface, Medium reinvents modern blogging. Medium creates a platform for sharing and discussing ideas. This way, readers can leave comments throughout the article and not only at the end. Thanks to this feature, readers can react in detail to each section of the paper bringing fresh new ideas to the conversation. All these advantages convinced us to launch our very own publication on Medium.

A publication from the SensioLabs technical team

The SensioLabs Tech Blog is a new publication on Medium. Medium enables publications to gather several articles with a common thread. In our case, we want to publish the contributions from the experts in our technical team. As the creator of Symfony, we are lucky enough to rely on many expertises. For us, moving forward means surrounding ourselves with experts, remaining open to new ideas, and listening to others. That’s why we always look outside the box, to continue creating, innovating, and keep an eye on what is coming down the road.

As a leading player in the Open Source community, our technical team pushes the limits of PHP products that not only satisfy the needs of today’s worldwide web market but pave the way for future innovations.

Thanks to The SensioLabs Tech Blog, you can now interact and exchange with our technical team on Symfony, PHP, and other subjects that are not necessarily related to web development.Each author is eager to share their ideas and to receive feedback to advance his topic. If you enjoy an article of The SensioLabs Tech Blog, please feel free to clap or leave a comment: it will be very much appreciated.

Our first articles are available on Medium

To mark the launch of The SensioLabs Tech Blog, we have highlighted two articles on the theme of security by Laurent Voullemier and Alexandre Daubois. 

On the one hand, Laurent Voullemier wrote an article on the use of Keycloak with Symfony: Let’s play with the Symfony new security system: OpenId Connect with Keycloak.” 

In his paper, Laurent Voullemier talks about SSO (single sign-on) and the popular IAM Keycloak, offering many features to connect to Facebook, update passwords, etc. Laurent explains to us how SSO and Keycloak integrate with a Symfony application.


Alexandre Daubois article

On the other hand, we released another article on security from Alexandre Daubois onThe key concepts of security in Symfony in 5 minutes”. In 5 minutes of reading, Alexandre reviews the main concepts of the Security component in Symfony, such as firewall, voters and ACLs.

A big thanks to Laurent and Alexandre for inaugurating The SensioLabs Tech Blog!


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