The Symfony Certification website has had a makeover!

The brand new Symfony Certification website is now available with a sparkling fresh new page design to provide a better user experience and simplify your exam registration. User-friendly and stylish, the new Symfony Certification website is operational, so go have a look! Our faster registration process will do away with any excuses to delay certification. Still having some doubts and questions about Symfony Certification? We think these answers will reassure and convince you to take the test right away!


First, what exactly is the Symfony Certification by SensioLabs?

The Symfony Certification by SensioLabs is the only existing official document in the world that certifies Symfony skills and competence levels and concretely proves a developer’s Symfony expertise within the PHP and Symfony community, companies and clients included. The Symfony Certification diploma, issued by SensioLabs, designates two different levels of Symfony competency: Expert or Advanced. This certification not only allows the certified developer to stand out by proving that his skills are tested and solid, but also allows companies to offer expert-level, quality teams to an increasingly demanding client market.

How can I take the Certification exam?

The Symfony Certification exam consists of 75 questions covering 16 major Symfony2 topics. The exam lasts 90 minutes and is given in English only. That’s right! It only takes 90 short minutes to become a Symfony developer recognized by the entire community. There are two levels of Certification: Expert, the highest level, and Advanced, right on Expert’s heels. Don’t worry if you don’t obtain the Expert level; you can always try for Expert again and even if you don’t make it, you never lose your Advanced standing.

To register, just follow the 5 easy registration steps on our new pages. After sitting for the exam, you will know immediately if you passed or not. If you succeed, you will receive an e-mail confirming your certification, your SensioLabsConnect badge and your diploma (via the post). With registration as simple as this, there’s no reason not to take the exam!

If you think you are ready, but still feel unsure about your exam preparation, SensioLabs offers a solution for that, too!

We know, the Certification exam can feel a bit daunting. Stay calm and relax! SensioLabs has designed and now offers new training sessions to help you review and study for the exam. The program includes review sessions comprised of different modules and exam themes. Your trainer will explain the concept of each module and illustrate his explanations with corrected exercises. Done online, with 10 sessions of 2 hours, (2 sessions per week for a total of five weeks) this specially designed workshop, Symfony Certification: Intensive Prep, is structured to give you independent study time on the side in between workshops. If you want to go even faster, this workshop is also available intra or inter company over 3 intensive days. Convinced? You have good Symfony2 skills and you want to benefit from the Certification? Sign up now and take your skills to the next level!