Guide: How to provide the best solutions for my PHP & Symfony projects and teams?

SensioLabs, the Open source expert  who makes your  life easier.  

Since  its foundation as a Web development tools software publisher, SensioLabs has been striving to make web developers’ life easier. 

SensioLabs created the Open Source PHP framework Symfony in 2005. Now, we keep supporting the framework to improve PHP developments quality and impact by simplifying the technical stack. Symfony is recognized as a worldwide success with about 1.85 billion downloads since its launch and it has more than 500,000 active users all over the world.  


Why dwe release this Guide?  

The accelerated technological pace that we all experienced during the last years has led to the release of many new disruptive tools and methods. As a result, developing quality web-based applications on time has never been such a complex achievement. 

Always focusing on how to simplify and improve web developments quality, we had the idea at SensioLabs to publicly share our expertise and experience. This was the starting point of our project to release a guide gathering the best solutions for projects and PHP/Symfony teams. 

We are truly convinced that our simple solutions will help you to reach high quality development standards on your projects while coping with increasingly tighter deadlines. 

Find out our experts’ advice to improve quality, performance and speed of developments. Thanks to this guide, you will also be able to build a global overview as well as implementing agile monitoring for your project. Last but not least, we give you some tips to recruit and manage a skilled developers’ team on both human and technical sides. 

Here is the link to download our guide: 


1- Facilitating your developers’ life 

  • Guaranteeing code quality and controlling your application technical debt 
  • Optimizing the performance of PHP and Symfony-based applications 
  • Speeding up your developments 

2 – Ensuring the success of your projects   

  • Building a technical Architecture that meets business challenges 
  • Bringing a coach to stimulate your technical team’s effectiveness 
  • Migrating existing applications to Symfony 3 or 4 
  • Identifying and rapidly resolving a drift in your project  

3- Building an efficient PHP & Symfony technical team  

  • Upscaling your technical team’s skills 
  • Recruiting additional Symfony-trained staff 
  • Strenghtening your technical team on a short-term mission

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