Sylius Days – a first edition in Paris

Last week, SensioLabs hosted the very first Sylius event in Paris: Sylius Days Paris 2023. The first day was all about technical workshops with experts, and on the second day, Sylius organized a hackathon on contribution to the framework.

Sylius is an Open Source eCommerce framework based on Symfony full stack. Created by Paweł Jędrzejewski in 2011, this framework integrates easily with existing systems and guarantees fast time-to-market. Sylius is very flexible and easy to work with thanks to a great care of code quality and a test-oriented philosophy.

To address its fast-growing international community of developers, Sylius has launched the Sylius Days. In addition to SyliusCon happening this year in Poznan, Poland, on November 3, Sylius Days aims to gather Sylius lovers on a regular basis. Sylius picked Paris for its first Sylius Days.

As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs is a Strategic Technology Partner of Sylius and the Sylius Leading Training Partner. SensioLabs is the official training provider on the Sylius framework. Our course “Create an e-commerce shop with Symfony and Sylius” started in January 2023. Being closely related to Sylius, SensioLabs hosted about 100 attendees of the Sylius Days in our headquarters.

A day of workshops on Symfony, API Platform and Sylius

The first day, Friday the 8th, consisted of technical workshops. Of course, there was a workshop about Sylius, but also on 2 frameworks to know for any Sylius developer: Symfony and API Platform.

Experts introduced each framework in 6 hours in total:

It was an intensive day and a perfect introduction to the basics of Sylius. The experts summarized their best advice and explained the main components before starting a Sylius project.

After such a hard working day in the heat of the French Summer, it was time to enjoy drinks and snacks. In the evening, Sylius Days attendees met at the trendy Rosa Bonheur à l’Ouest on the banks of the Seine River.

Hackathon Day on Sylius

The next day, Saturday 9th, Sylius organized a hackathon on Open-Source contribution to Sylius. Sylius gave suggestions on which topic to prioritize. Sylius’ core team members were in the room. They helped the contributors do their PRs and gave helpful advice to improve them.

This second day of Sylius Days was more relaxed. Attendees had more time to meet and share their personal experiences in Sylius. Pizzas and Fritz-Spritz drinks provided by Sylius were available.

Attendees also had the opportunity to win two customized Mollie elePHPants in a raffle game organized by Mollie, a sponsor of the Sylius Days.

Many thanks to all the attendees and sponsors who supported this first edition of the Sylius Days in France. Congratulations to Sylius for the excellent organization of the event.

You missed the Sylius Days? Check out our training course. This 4-day program is the best way to start working autonomously on this ecommerce framework. Contact us to book your session.

The next steps for Sylius lovers are SyliusCon in Poznan the 3rd of November and SymfonyCon Brussels on December 7-8. See you there!