Flashback on SensioLabs Success Stories


SensioLabs has developed a recognized expertise in successful development projects. From migrating towards new versions of Symfony to coaching technical teams, and implementing high-performance architectures, find SensioLabs Success Stories with customers.

Since its creation in 2012, SensioLabs, the creator of Symfony, has constantly helped companies and developers to get the best out of Symfony. Thanks to our clients, we had the opportunity to explore new challenging projects within many diverse environments. For us, each development project requires adapted and simple technical solutions, and we aim to turn them into Success Stories.

Over the years, SensioLabs has helped many companies to switch from an in-house or unmaintained framework to the Symfony framework. A good example was BBC News, whose website could no longer cope with the flow of visitors, especially during load peaks. So, BBC News switched to Symfony and still continues to use the framework. During this type of migration with very high business stakes, relying on SensioLabs expertise guarantees a smooth transition to Symfony.


In the same way, many projects managers asked SensioLabs to help them build the architecture of their web application on Symfony. That was the case of the startup La Fourchette, now The Fork within the Tripadvisor group. Indeed, The Fork asked SensioLabs for global support on its Symfony applications, a code review, and the implementation of a new architecture more adapted to their challenges as a fast-growing startup.

Our Success Stories available online

Therefore, SensioLabs was able to meet a large number of demanding technical challenges on Symfony. The most emblematic examples have been compiled throughout the projects to form a corpus of SensioLabs Success Stories. These Success Stories are available for free download on our website.


In their feedback, learn how SensioLabs has worked with:

  • BBC News
  • Cobrowser
  • Wetter.com
  • CCM Benchmark
  • En Marche !
  • Overblog
  • Qobuz

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