Launch of the Open Source School – the school of open source software and solutions

Beginning of February, Smile and EPSI officially announced the opening of the Open Source School, supported by the French government as part of an investment program for the future of open source education and job training. SensioLabs is pleased to support this initiative as a founding partner in the creation of this school.

Open Source School, the first true institution of higher and continuing education dedicated to open source technologies, responds to a growing demand for professional diplomas in this sector, currently lacking in expert graduates with free software-specific skills. The lack of well-educated manpower is all the more problematic for the open source sector considering charted growth of more than 10% annually.

Gregory Becue, Associate Director of the Group SMILE and project founder explains: “Open source is a factor of innovation and considerable employment. For example, in areas such as the Cloud, Big Data, the Internet of things (IoT) or even mobility, all of which create both large demands and multiple innovations, most software and infrastructures are based on open source technologies! For these reasons, beyond Smile, it is extremely gratifying to rely on our founding partners such as, SensioLabs, Jahia, Red Hat, Talend, Alter way, Akeneo, Abilian, OW2, Open Wide, Acquia…75% of OSS teaching is done by sector professionals who ensure a level of training that is perfectly in sync with market expectations and demands.”

With nearly 4,000 empty job slots every year in the free software field, OSS hopes to address this shortage by mobilizing the entire ecosystem, supplying educated manpower and offering a dual training program: initial training and continuous training integrating conversion devices.

We are pleased and proud of our investment in the development and promotion of this beautiful project. This initiative is a genuine step forward in the world of free software, the arrival of an educational structure to train and transform the sector offers us the opportunity to open our industry to a wider public. With this school, we hope that open source innovation will be within the reach of everyone” says Gregory Pascal, General Director of SensioLabs.

 The OSS provides a catalog of more than 200 professional trainings including Symfony 3, the newest version of the framework created by SensioLabs in 2005.

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