SensioLabs welcomes Inetum to its partner network

SensioLabs and Inetum, the European leader in digital services and solutions, have announced the signing of a new partnership. This partnership will enable Inetum to offer its customers enhanced support for their PHP and Symfony developments throughout the lifecycle of their projects.

Who is Inetum?

Inetum is an agile ESN, a digital services and solutions company, and an international group. Inetum helps companies and institutions make the most of their digital flow. In a context of constant change, where needs and uses are constantly being reinvented, the Inetum group is committed to working with all players to innovate, adapt and stay one step ahead.

What’s more, with its multi-specialist profile, Inetum offers its customers a unique combination of proximity, sector-specific organisation and industrial-quality solutions. With a presence in more than 27 countries, Inetum employs nearly 27,000 people and generated sales of €2.2 billion in 2021.

Symfony at the heart of the partnership

Created in 2012 in France, SensioLabs helps companies at every stage of their web and application projects using PHP and Symfony.

Symfony is an Open Source PHP framework created by SensioLabs. It is used in web and application development projects of all sizes to make developers’ lives easier. Symfony offers a wide range of ready-to-use components.

What’s more, to support Symfony’s growth, SensioLabs has created a network of partners in over 20 countries: the SensioLabs Network. The SensioLabs Network brings together digital services companies that are leaders in the use of Symfony for their development projects. With certified Symfony skills, SensioLabs partners guarantee the quality of their Symfony developments.

By joining the SensioLabs Network, Inetum teams benefit from the support of SensioLabs experts for their projects.

Inetum and SensioLabs: excellence at the heart of the partnership

Thanks to the presence of Symfony-certified developers, Inetum is now a bronze-level certified partner of SensioLabs. Inetum will therefore be able to benefit from the expertise of the Symfony framework editor. This will guarantee the highest level of support for its customers. SensioLabs’ experts will be working with Inetum on a number of fronts. These include consulting, application migration, auditing, architecture and application and site maintenance.

“This new partnership is a great opportunity for SensioLabs and Inetum. Symfony is a unique technology with a proven track record. With this partnership, we’ll be able to offer all our customers the best possible support for the practical implementation of the PHP framework. Thanks to SensioLabs’ expertise, we can now benefit from a support solution that covers the entire lifecycle of PHP and Symfony development projects,” says Inetum.

“We are delighted to welcome Inetum to our network of partners. This is recognition of Inetum’s commitment as one of the leaders in digital transformation, and its investment in ongoing Symfony training for their teams, right through to certification. The signing of our partnership will be of direct benefit to customers wishing to develop an ambitious digital strategy with an approach focused on development quality”, explains Ludovic Duval, Managing Director of SensioLabs.

If you are an agency, ESN or consultancy and would like to become an official partner of SensioLabs, the creator of Symfony, please contact us here.