PHP Forum 2023: A Marvelous edition for SensioLabs

On October 12 and 13, SensioLabs was at the long awaited 2023 edition of the PHP Forum. The French PHP community conference brought over 600 people together for two days of exciting talks. This year, the AFUP repeated the event at the famous New York Hotel – The Art of Marvel at Disneyland Paris! We take a look back at this edition in this article.

Forum PHP 2023

SensioLabs Gold sponsor of the PHP 2023 Forum

As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs was, as last year, a Gold Sponsor of the PHP Forum, the major annual event for the PHP community in France. We are thrilled to have supported this fantastic 🦸‍♂️ edition of the Forum PHP.

As last year, our stand was located in the huge sponsors’ hall of the conference. Other sponsors were present with various activities on their booths, including cotton candy, baby-foot and an online competition. It was really fun!

SensioLabs booth at Forum PHP 2023

During the breaks, we welcomed many participants at our booth. It was a great time to talk about Symfony and PHP news, their development projects or the official Symfony and PHP training courses from SensioLabs.

This year, in addition to the goodies, we organised a contest with a lucky draw 🍀 and the possibility to win prizes by finding the winning message in fortune cookie 🥠

If the fortune cookie drawn contained the winning message, bingo! the lucky winner went home with a wireless headset. Our prize draw also enabled us to offer participants our SensioLabs branded sports bottles.

Our favourite talks

As every year, the PHP Forum offered us the opportunity to attend some excellent conferences on the latest developments in PHP, as well as on more general topics relating to the ecosystem.

Forum PHP 2023

After the opening and presentation of the AFUP, the French and English talks followed. Here are some of our favourite talks ♥️ technical or non-technical:

  • Positive alt-itude! An inclusion tool for your accessibility: by Angi Déborah Guyard. In this talk, Angi-Déborah talked to us about the importance of alternative image description, or “alts”. She showed us how to use them effectively to improve the inclusion of visually impaired people.
  • A collision engine in PHP? by Maxime Veber. Maxime showed us how to develop a small video game directly in PHP!
  • Lights and shadows of BDD in Sylius: In his presentation, Mateusz Zalewski talked about the advantages and disadvantages of the BDD methodology. He presented it from the point of view of a member of the Sylius core team. But he also tried to understand the point of view of a Sylius and Symfony user.

The other talks were also fascinating, but we couldn’t put them all here, so it was hard to make a choice 😉

Many thanks to Afup for organising this second edition, which was very well organised and always featured top-quality speakers! 👏