SensioLabs is proud to announce the Road to 500 Million Symfony Downloads

As any Symfony fan knows, Symfony 2.0 was released in 2011 and version 3.0 in November 2015. This year, we’ll reach a special milestone and SensioLabs is super happy to spread the news!

Hard to believe, but after only five years, almost 500 Million Symfony packages have been downloaded by the PHP community*. And we want our unbelievable, loyal community to share in the celebration and fun!

To that end, you’ll find a brand new dashboard at that displays Symfony downloads in pseudo real time and estimates the date and time when we’ll reach the 500 million mark.

As of today, we estimate reaching 500 million on September 27th, so over the next couple weeks, please display the dashboard on your computer, in full view for colleagues, groups, friends, etc. and let’s count up together.

And to sweeten the pot, we’ve organized a special prize raffle. All you have to do to enter is share your photos on Twitter (use the designated hashtag #500million) once we hit the 500 million milestone and we’ll pick the best, most original ones. Here’s what you can win:

So set up your special display of in your workspace, share the excitement and get ready to take your winning picture!

*(note that this number refers to downloads made with Composer; the total would be higher if we took into account other downloads through GitHub, the Symfony Standard Edition ZIP files, etc.)