Summer vibes at the SymfonyWorld Summer 2021

This year, Symfony conferences were all hosted online. A new event was born: the SymfonyWorld Summer Edition. The first SymfonyWorld Summer took place on June 17-18 with SensioLabs as a sponsor. Let’s look back at this exciting meeting of the Symfony community.


The latest edition of the Symfony conferences happened on June 17-18. For the first time, a SymfonyWorld, an online conference gathering the international Symfony community, took place in Summer. The event was hosted on Hopin, like the other online Symfony conferences, and brought together over 800 participants.

Since the beginning of the social distancing measures, Symfony has organized several online conferences. As much as we’d all like to meet up again in real life, it’s a nice way to keep connecting and listening to speakers from all over the world. The SymfonyWorld Summer ☀️ definitely earned its reputation when it comes to the quality of the conferences. We had the opportunity to attend outstanding talks regardless of our time zone. Because the conference had time zone sessions for Asia/Europe and the Americas.

The speakers at the SymfonyWorld Summer

First of all, Fabien talked in his opening keynote about the contribution to Symfony and described the role of the core team. Then, he went back to the topic of migration. Thanks to the Backward Compatibility, you don’t have to wait for a Long-Term Support (LTS) version to migrate. In fact, it is even better to migrate step by step. This way, you avoid a major effort to move between two major releases.


In addition to Fabien’s talk, the other keynotes were also captivating:

  • Stefan Koopmanschap “You’re not in IT,” told us about his career as a developer. His keynote was pretty original: he organized it like a video game (see above). He explained that you learn all your life and that you have to stay open to new things.
  • François Zaninotto “Towards Digital Sustainability” presented his new project: GreenFrame, to assess the environmental impact of websites. In his presentation, he showed that many analyses of CO2 consumption of websites are not accurate. We can’t wait for his project to succeed so we can develop greener websites at SensioLabs!
  • Ryan Weaver “A Dynamic Frontend with Twig & Zero JavaScript? Say Hello to…” told us about Twig. What is Twig’s mission since the Symfony UX initiative release? Ryan worked on a new experimental component to implement Symfony UX elements in Twig. Find his demo on Github.

There was also a conference from a Japanese speaker: Hiromi Hishida, on how to extend the life of your application. It’s great to see that there are experts on Symfony all over the world! In our team, Guillaume Loulier presented a talk on Cypress. It was a new version of his speech at the SymfonyLive French Edition last April.

You can find all the talks in replay on your account or buy a voucher to see them.

The SymfonyWorld Summer from the SensioLabs booth


SensioLabs was a Diamond Sponsor of SymfonyWorld Summer 2021 to demonstrate our commitment to Symfony. We were honored to have Fabien as the opening keynote speaker on the SensioLabs track. At our virtual booth, we also had the opportunity to meet the attendees and talk with them.

Throughout the breaks, we hosted live demos: on SensioLabs University Platform and the Symfony Certification Online Coaching, two very successful training programs for our customers.

In addition, SymfonyWorld Summer 2021 provided an opportunity to reveal our new video. Wissem Garouachi, an architect at SensioLabs, answered the six most frequently asked questions about Symfony migration. He gave his tips on how to get ready for your migration to a new Symfony version. Because Symfony 3.4 will be decommissioned by the end of 2021, it is fundamental to migrate to Symfony 4 and 5. Watch the video online :

Meanwhile, we opened our SensioLabs University Platform MCQ Challenge to SymfonyWorld Summer 2021 attendants: 20 questions on PHP and Symfony. Colin O’Dell won 1st place and received a free certification preparation. And Christian Flothman took 2nd place and received a grey elePHPant. Congratulations to them!

See you this winter for the next SymfonyWorld

After a busy beginning of the year with 5 Symfony conferences in 4 months, we’ll meet again in December for the SymfonyWorld Winter ❄️ 2021, when Fabien will announce the Symfony 6 release. Tickets are on sale here. We can’t wait to be there!