SymfonyCon Berlin 2016: Develop your tech skills – help grow the European economy

In an aim to grow the European tech-industry and as part of the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan the European Commission is committing €250 billion to the sector through the Digital Economy Policy.

Whilst this initiative contributes to the European economy by creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs across Europe, the also EC also warns that a skill shortage may cause 756,000 unfilled ICT vacancies in 2020.

An increasing number of sectors now relies on digital skills, these stretch beyond technology and IT industries. Leading recruitment website, Monster has also identified the increased need for workers with IT skills and wants to provide people with the tools and the knowledge they need in order to kick-start their career in a tech-job. In the tech sector 9 out of 10 workers are younger than 55, which is a higher number than any other industries where the average compares to 8 out of 10.

To strengthen the profile and diversify further in Germany, Monster provides advice on to those who dream of a career in IT and tech, for example through articles such as 5 Jobs für Berufseinsteiger, um in der Tech-Branche durchzustarten, translated as “5 Entry Level Jobs to Kick Start your Tech-career”.

In a partnership with SensioLabs, Monster is offering tickets to attend the upcoming SymfonyCon Berlin free of charge to two participants. This is another way in which Monster encourages and supports professionals to upskill or those who are interested in getting a foothold in the industry. Get a chance to meet more than 1,000 IT experts in Symfony by joining the conference this week. Take the right step for your career at the event!

Other European branches equally promote similar activity: As such, Monster UK partnered with Code First Girls to create a hackathon TechTalent: Talent Hack event.

Encouragement from the tech industry, but also neighbouring sectors and initiatives that support niche segments is promising and will be vital to support the European Commission’s ambition, as well as to close the gap of filling the 756,000 vacancies.

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