Continuous evaluation: a managing tool for your Symfony team!

It is aknowledged that trainings are essential for web development teams’ skills improvement, especially in this domain because of constant technology, components or language evolutions.

However, it is difficult to evaluate the specific needs of each individual in your technical teams, to identify the key focuses of improvement and, above all, to track progress throughout trainings.

Skills assessment: a real management tool.

Being aware of each developer’s technical level and monitoring their progresses enables you to know more about training needs and to invest in a justified and effective manner.

By identifying major individual improvement priorities, it becomes possible to focus on appropriate topics, better handle your training budget, and get the best return on investment!

Furthermore, by knowing their deficiencies but also their fields of expertise, it is way easier to staff the right person on each task of your different projects.

Monitor teams’ progresses thanks to SensioLabs University!

SensioLabs University, SensioLabs’ training unit targeting PHP and Symfony developers, offers a complete e-learning platform (exercises, vidéos, documentation…) to accompany developers through their individual skills improvement.

SensioLabs University’s special feature is its test center based on more than 1200 questions enabling developers to test their acquired abilities.




During the training period, daily tests give a complete overview of developers’ competencies regarding key topics like PHP, Symfony, Twig, HTML… As well as a clear evaluation of their knowledge on each Symfony component.




Visualize precisely which technical subject is mastered by the team at a glance, especially those that would need a reinforcement.

Find out more at or contact us at, we would be glad to talk with you about other advantages that SensioLabs University could bring you!

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