SensioLabs to sponsor Symfony 6.0

Symfony 6

Now it is official, Symfony 6.0 will be released at the end of the month!  As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs contributes to the framework by sponsoring the release of the sixth version of Symfony. In addition, we also support other features of this amazing Open Source project with 600 000 users.

Symfony announced a few days ago the release of the first Symfony 6.0 Beta version. At this time, this Beta version is only for testing purposes for advanced Symfony users. So companies are not advised to upgrade now.

We will have to wait for the end of this test phase and the release of Symfony 6.0 at the end of November.

Symfony 6 in figures

Symfony logo

Symfony is the PHP framework with the largest community with more than 3,000 active contributors.

Created in 2005, Symfony celebrated its 15th-anniversary last year. Born in France, Symfony is now global. It is one of the Open Source projects with the most contributors on Github. And they keep growing all over the world.

Every two years, Symfony changes main versions. This new version integrates all the innovations achieved in the last two years. We are now at the 6th version of Symfony, coming in late November.

With billions of downloads, Symfony’s ambition is to make development easier for the 600,000+ developers who use it every day for professional or personal development projects.

Supporting Symfony

Beyond the Symfony conferences enabling the community to meet and share, SensioLabs has decided to strengthen its financial support to Symfony by sponsoring the Symfony 6.0 release.

SensioLabs is the company behind the Symfony framework. Back in the mid-2000s, we created Symfony for our own needs before it was released in open source for the benefit of all. So it was very natural for us to support Symfony 6.0, an essential milestone for the framework and a new ground for innovation for the community.

It is also an opportunity to acknowledge and remunerate the fundamental role that Open Source has played in web development for many years. Now, most web platforms in industries as critical as healthcare or transportation rely on Open Source tools and frameworks. Open Source generates a massive economic impact. But it is very little paid in return since downloading an Open Source tool is free. By sponsoring Symfony 6.0, we aim to give back value to all those who have made Symfony a great success for more than fifteen years and to ensure the framework’s sustainability in the years to come.

In addition to Symfony 6.0, we will also sponsor :

The Messenger and Process components

  • The Messenger component enables applications to send and receive messages to/from other applications or via message queues.
  • And the Process component executes a command in a subprocess, taking into account the differences between the operating system and escape arguments to avoid security issues. It therefore replaces PHP functions such as exec , passthru , shell_exec and system.

The “A Week of Symfony” newsletter

A Week of Symfony” is Javier Eguiluz’s essential weekly summary of everything that’s happening in and around Symfony. At the beginning of each week, you can find the latest developments of Symfony and articles about the framework.

Newsletter "A week of Symfony"

The much-awaited official Symfony 6 book

A new major release means a new book on Symfony. From the end of the year, you’ll find in this essential manual written by Fabien Potencier all the information you need to get started with Symfony 6.

Whether you are a beginner on Symfony or you want to update your knowledge on the framework, this e-book will be helpful.

As a reminder, you can follow all the news on the Symfony website as well as the status of the versions, thanks to the Symfony roadmap.

Do you have questions about your upgrade to Symfony 6, or do you want to sponsor Symfony? Contact us to talk about it.