SensioLabs hosted the November sfPot

The sfPots are coming back! After a break since the beginning of 2020, the monthly AFSY meetings in the Paris region have resumed. On November 18th, the sfPot took place in our new headquarters with Alexandre Daubois and Mathieu Ledru as speakers. An opportunity for the community to meet and share.

sfpot alexandre daubois

Credits: Julien Carrier and SensioLabs

The return of the sfPots

After about a year and a half of absence due to the health crisis, the sfPots make a comeback. The sfPots are meetups organized by the AFSY (the French-speaking association of Symfony users). They gather web development professionals passionate about Symfony in the Paris region.

A first sfPot took place at the end of September. Then, SensioLabs had the joy to host the second sfPot on November 18th. The event took place in Asnières-sur-Seine in our new headquarters. We were excited to support this revival of sfPots, enabling the community to reunite. The last Meetup we hosted was the Elasticsearch Meetup in January 2020, almost two years ago.

Two inspiring talks

Two speakers took the floor at the sfPot: Alexandre Daubois and Mathieu Ledru. They each presented their topic in 20-30 minutes, followed by a Q&A session with Fabien Potencier, who attended the event.

After the opening presentation by Julien from AFSY, Alexandre Daubois, developer at SensioLabs, talked about six little-known Symfony components. When he was writing an article listing all Symfony components, Alexandre realized that some were much more famous than others. That is why he decided to highlight at the sfPot the lesser-known but helpful components. Alexandre picked the String, Weblink, Stopwatch, Lock, PropertyInfo, and Encryption components.

sfpot mathieu ledru

With Mathieu Ledru, PHP developer at Darkwood, we dived into the world of monads and explored how to implement them in PHP. Mathieu showed us how this structure used in functional programming theory enables programming with effects. We can apply monads in PHP to handle I/O, provide full static call checking, and other purposes.

A reunion sfPot

At the end of the two presentations, we switched to the social part of the event. To celebrate our reunion, we organized an apéro with pizzas and drinks. Many participants had not met for a long time! The atmosphere was friendly, and we talked until late in the evening.

party time sfpot

In conclusion, the participants of the sfPot had an enriching and fun evening. We hope to host another sfPot or Meetup in 2022.

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And finally, if you couldn’t make it, check out the sfPot presentations (in French):