SensioLabs strengthens its partnership with Unleashed Technologies


As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs strengthens its relationship with its long-time partner in the US: Unleashed Technologies. This strategic partnership is the result of successful joint projects with Unleashed Technologies. In 2022, SensioLabs and Unleashed Technologies are speeding up to better serve American users of Symfony.

Who is Unleashed Technologies?


Founded in 2007 by Michael Spinosa and currently led by Muhammad Hutasuhut, Unleashed Technologies is one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in the Mid-Atlantic region. Based in Columbia, Maryland, Unleashed enables its clients to exceed their goals by aligning their digital strategies with their business objectives.

Unleashed combines technology, creativity, and strategy to turn your visitor audience into evangelists.
Our partnership with Unleashed dates back to 2016. We are proud to have led great development projects in the US with Unleashed over the past six years.

Symfony, a first choice for Unleashed

As a web & PHP specialist, Unleashed has adopted Symfony, the leading PHP innovation framework. Thanks to Symfony, Unleashed meets the ever-changing and increasingly sophisticated demands of its clients in the US.

Unleashed’s expertise in PHP goes back more than a decade when Unleashed chose Drupal technology for its clients’ websites. With the arrival of Drupal 8, whose core is based on Symfony components, Unleashed identified the synergies between these two technologies and specialized in Symfony.

Thanks to Symfony, Unleashed can now migrate its clients’ development projects to a modern and robust framework. Symfony optimizes the lifespan of its applications with better security, scalability, and reliability.


Free and open-source, Symfony has a very active community of over 600,000 developers in more than 120 countries. The United States represents one of the largest Symfony developer communities in the world.

Symfony makes it easier and faster for developers to create high-performance Web applications with the highest quality standards. With over 11 billion downloads, Symfony provides a stable and flexible framework for developers and businesses – including Unleashed.

So it was only natural that Unleashed and SensioLabs have partnered to promote Symfony’s success in the US.

Strengthening our partnership with Unleashed

The partnership with Unleashed is part of our partners’ network built up over several years.
Starting from now, Unleashed has become SensioLabs’ preferred agency partner in the US. It means that Unleashed is the tip of the spear for Symfony code in the US market. SensioLabs and Unleashed works hand in hand with SensioLabs to bring the best Symfony services to American companies.

With Unleashed, SensioLabs will help US companies with many aspects of their development projects. For instance, migrating legacy projects to Symfony, building a stable architecture, or training developers to Symfony best practices. We will support the American companies using Symfony more easily.

Strengthening our partnership with Unleashed is also a great opportunity to get closer to the fantastic Symfony community in the US.

We will announce new US success stories of Symfony soon, and we can’t wait to share them with you!