SensioLabs unveils a new training course on Sylius

In a few years, Sylius has become a popular Symfony-based e-commerce framework. As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs now trains developers on Sylius with an exclusive 4-day training course on Sylius and Symfony. This training plan has been co-designed with Sylius since SensioLabs is now a Leading Training Partner of Sylius.

New training course on Sylius and Symfony: Create an e-commerce shop with Symfony & Sylius.

First things first, let’s take a look at Sylius, a remarkable success story in the Symfony ecosystem.

Sylius, an e-commerce framework based on Symfony

Sylius was born in 2011 in Poland, just after the launch of Symfony 2, which it fully relied upon. Back then, it was a brave and innovative move of Sylius Founder Paweł Jędrzejewski, long before other e-commerce platforms recognized the power of this technology. Ten years later, when Symfony has become one of the most popular PHP frameworks in the world (600k+ users), it has paid off with an exceptional relationship with the Symfony core team and the entire ecosystem.

Sylius shares with Symfony a common philosophy of simplifying the life of developers. The e-commerce framework offers an excellent DX (developer experience) with the highest code quality, advanced tests suite, decoupled architecture, and easy-to-use back-office to manage all the parameters of an online store.

Sylius also means: 

  • A complete e-commerce solution with simplified omnichannel sales, product management, and a promotion engine. 
  • Easier integration of any third party application thanks to its excellent API (also fully based on Symfony)
  • Endless flexibility to shape your unique user experience for each online store. 

Fully integrated into the Symfony ecosystem, Sylius relies on many Symfony bundles thanks to its easy extension. This way, each feature (product catalog, promotions system, etc.) can work independently and is available in any other Symfony application.

Last October, we attended the first-ever SyliusCon in Łódź, Poland, as a Gold sponsor. We had a great time with +200 developers of the Sylius community and we enjoyed supporting this great first conference.

A new official training course on Sylius

As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs is now a Leading Training Partner of Sylius. Thanks to this partnership, SensioLabs has started delivering Sylius-certified training courses. They combine the expertise of the creators of Sylius, who reviewed the program, with SensioLabs’ extensive experience in teaching Symfony.

The first class for “Create an e-commerce shop with Symfony and Sylius” begins in January 2023. This 4-day training course shows how to develop an e-commerce application clearly and entirely on demand in 4 steps:

  1. Create a product for your new e-shop.
  2. Display products in your catalog.
  3. Sell products through a checkout process.
  4. Customize your e-shop with store configuration.
Graphic design for the training course Create an e-commerce shop with Symfony & Sylius. The four steps of the training course are described: Product, Catalog, Checkout process and Store configuration. Get trained by the creator of Symfony.

SensioLabs gives you all the keys to launch your e-commerce project. You learn how to override and adapt Twig templates, add business logic to your development project, extend the administration interface, use an API, and more! After learning Symfony and Sylius with us, you will have a solid basis to take the brand-new Sylius Certification exam.

Available in English or French, the training course is a huge step forward to meeting the ever-growing expectations of the Sylius community at large. Because SensioLabs has received the Qualiopi certification, you can fund your training course with your OPCO if you work in France. Here is how it works (in French).

See details of the training offer here and book your seat now!