[1/2] Interview: How to apply for a job at SensioLabs?

Have you ever dreamed of joining the team of the creator of Symfony? Then, this interview is for you to describe the recruitment process at SensioLabs. Anais Martin and Léna Florencia Ourahou, Talent Acquisition Specialists at SensioLabs, answered the most common questions they receive from people who apply at SensioLabs.

Can you introduce yourselves?

Léna: I am Léna, I have worked as a recruiter at SensioLabs for a few months, and I have been in this business for over a year and a half.

Léna Florencia Ourahou holding an elephpant in her right hand

Anais: Hi, I’m Anais. I joined SensioLabs less than a year ago, and I have two years of experience in IT and working with Symfony.

Anais Martin thumbs up with branded foam cubes in background

What kind of people do you hire at SensioLabs?

Léna: We hire for all types of jobs related to Symfony, with varying levels of seniority. We look for passionate people who have a deep interest in good practices such as testing, clean code, the latest versions of Symfony, etc.

Anais: Mainly technical profiles, such as developers, architects, and trainers, but not only. We also search for scrum masters to coach development teams in the agile methodology and sometimes non-technical profiles.

Léna and Anais: In short, we are not looking for a specific degree level, but rather for experience on Symfony. Your technical level and curiosity are essential, including self-taught individuals, people undergoing career transition, etc., with technical skills in the framework.

When I apply at SensioLabs, how long does the recruitment process take?

Léna: We strive to make the process last two weeks in average. However, depending on each one availability, it may take slightly longer.

Anais: First, we schedule a phone call with Lena or me, followed by a technical test or a meeting with one of our lead developers. If you make it, we arrange a final job interview with our CTO or our General Manager. Throughout all the steps, we stay in touch with you to move forward and answer your questions.

Can you tell us more about technical assessment at SensioLabs?

Anais: Depending on your profile, we arrange two types of interviews: a technical test or a conversation with a lead developer. The technical test includes 90 questions on Symfony and related topics, to be completed in a maximum of one hour (without ChatGPT, of course 😉).

Léna: For the exchange with a lead developer, it is an oral technical exchange to understand the candidate’s level regarding SensioLabs’ requirements. It can include real-life professional situations, etc.

What is your advice for applying at SensioLabs?

Shelves at the SensioLabs office with elephpants and pennants

Anais: Stay yourself and tell us about your knowledge and passion for Symfony. If you want to get ready from a technical point of view, you can take a monthly free test on SensioLabs University Platform. It’s our e-learning platform designed for Symfony and PHP.

Léna: I recommend you learn more about SensioLabs by visiting our website, blog, YouTube channel, etc. And don’t forget to write down on your resume or LinkedIn profile that you have already worked on Symfony. We also love receiving spontaneous applications at jobs@sensiolabs.com.

Can I apply at SensioLabs again?

Anais: Yes, of course. An unsuccessful application is never a definite no. If you are not hired now, you can join our team later. We acknowledge that technical skills can improve significantly over time. However, please wait at least six months to a year before reaching us again.

Léna: To get ready for your new job interview with us, you can register for training sessions with SensioLabs. You can also prepare for the Symfony Certificate (it’s a big plus), subscribe to the SensioLabs University Platform, or follow our latest news.

Thank you Anais Martin and Léna Florencia Ourahou for your answers! We hope that you have all the information to start your application at SensioLabs.

Now, you are all set to apply for our offers on LinkedIn or send us your application at jobs@sensiolabs.com. You can also contact our Talent Acquisition Specialists directly through LinkedIn direct messages.

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