SensioLabs becomes a Gold Partner of

Last week, SensioLabs became a Gold Partner of, the all-in-one platform as a service (PaaS). Let us have a look at the partnership between SensioLabs and and why we are thrilled about this news.

Partnership SensioLabs
Credits: Unsplash by Charles Deluvio

A long story between SensioLabs and

Created in 2014, is an end-to-end cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) product dedicated to development teams. Thanks to, developers can build, deploy, and host any web application on a single platform. The magic in is to handle all the infrastructure needs of a development team. Then, developers can focus their time on building the application. is very connected to the developers’ stack 🧱 Unlike most IaaS suppliers, managed hosting applications, and DevOps tools, supports over 100 frameworks and 14 programming languages. Developers can build their applications exactly how they want. On top of that, promotes eco-conscious hosting in our industry. Cloud Application

SensioLabs has been collaborating with since the incubation of the product. As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs was among the first beta testers of back in time.

SensioLabs and joined forces to create SensioCloud, then renamed SymfonyCloud, the official Symfony Cloud Platform. Blackfire is now part of Observability Suite 🔮 and started within SensioLabs. Blackfire is an amazing SaaS solution to track performance issues in your code. purchased Blackfire in 2021.

SensioLabs has also worked with products in many PHP and Symfony development projects. A good example of our successful collaboration to the benefit of our clients is the joint Success Story we released with Gault & Millau, the famous restaurant guide 👨‍🍳

For all these reasons, SensioLabs has been a proud long-term partner of throughout the years.

A Gold Partner of

SensioLabs Gold Partner has built an extensive network of partners: the Agency Partner Program. As a partner, we are a ambassador with our clients: we can sell products and subscriptions.

It means that SensioLabs is the best representative to talk about your performance or hosting challenges in your development projects. As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs has a 360-degree view of the upcoming evolutions of your application. We can give you the most appropriate advice in the long run for your development project.

SensioLabs is now a Gold Partner of, which means that at least 3 developers of our team are certified on and Blackfire. In fact, every developer at SensioLabs works daily with Blackfire, SymfonyCloud, or If you want to incorporate these tools in your developers’ stack, you should definitely talk with our team to see how you can do it in the best way.

So, kudos for the amazing products you deliver to the developers’ community! We are very happy to become your Gold Partner 🥇