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Sensiolabs offers you complete range of expertise solutions to get faster results and to best address your needs on all of your development projectsSensioLabs identifies the best suited PHP, Symfony or Full-stack experts to your challenges and your technologies. 

Our experts and certified developers provides you with customized solutions working onsite or remotlely. They support your team on specific development issues throughout the main steps of your project: 

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Need to strengthen your Symfony team?

Hiring a technical profile does not always require a long-term commitment. You could need more technical resources temporarly and not always as a permanent hiring. With the increase of new and more autonomous forms of work, more and more developers become freelancers. Lots of employers find it very hard to find the right profile to […]

Guide: How to provide the best solutions for my PHP & Symfony projects and teams?

SensioLabs, the Open source expert who makes your life easier.   Since its foundation as a Web development tools software publisher, SensioLabs has been striving to make web developers’ life easier.  SensioLabs created the Open Source PHP framework Symfony in 2005. Now, we keep supporting the framework to improve PHP developments quality and impact by simplifying the technical stack. Symfony is recognized as a worldwide success with about 1.85 billion downloads since its launch and it has more than 500,000 active users all over the world.   Why do we release this Guide?    The accelerated technological pace that we all experienced during the last years has […]