All the articles related to SymfonyInsight, the PHP project quality tool, on the blog of SensioLabs, the creator of Symfony.

PHP Project Quality Done right.

Control your code through more than 100 quality checks and cover every single aspect of your application. SymfonyInsight helps team monitor technical debt efficiently. It increases your productivity and alerts you on critically high levels of technical debt.

Based on our experience on Symfony, we established a list of 110 control points to make sure an application is safe, reliable and maintainable : security, architecture, performance, dead code, bug risk, readability, coding style.

Integrate SymfonyInsight in your development process and never let bad code be merged unnoticed.

SensioLabsInsight, the New Quality Wizard by SensioLabs, Hits the Market

A revolutionary SaaS solution that goes to the core of your code SensioLabs’ latest innovation in diagnostic applications, SensioLabsInsight is now ready and available ( Tested for several months in Beta version by more than 2,000 users who have launched tens of thousands of PHP code analyses , this first SaaS service created and provided […]

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